Become a Certified
Kambo Practitioner


Embark on a transformational journey of
self-discovery and skill development

This exclusive and immersive training experience will provide extensive knowledge of traditional and modern techniques.

Kambo is not just a ‘medicine’ but a profound teacher that will reveal many powerful insights about yourself. 

With tailored guidance and support from experienced teachers, you will gain the skills, connections, safety, and confidence to start your practice or take it to the next level.



Joining the International Association of Kambo Practitioners (IAKP) through its prestigious Practitioner Training Program offers numerous benefits.

As a member of this thriving community comprising nearly 500 practitioners, you gain the opportunity to be listed on the Worldwide Kambo Practitioner List, enhancing your visibility and credibility.

The IAKP provides access to a comprehensive knowledge database, enabling you to seek information, ask questions, and share experiences within the community.

Moreover, if you complete successfully our training, your first year as a member is covered with a complimentary membership, ensuring you can fully immerse yourself in the wealth of resources and support offered by the IAKP.

Why Get Certified?

IAKP Practitioners adhere to a strict code of practice, ensuring that clients are always treated with integrity, respect, and confidentiality. As a result, our clients can be assured that our practitioners provide a safe and trustworthy environment when administering Kambo.

1. Skills

This training provides practical, hands-on experience that will equip you with the necessary skills to transition into professional practice immediately upon completion.

Furthermore, our program lays the foundation for further development and education should you choose to pursue it.

2. Knowledge

Theory classes include a mix of factual information, experiences shared by experienced practitioners, and relevant anecdotes.

We’ll debunk myths and rumors surrounding Kambo, emphasizing evidence-based insights. 

3 . Safety

It’s crucial to prioritize a safe practice. During your training, you’ll be taught to recognize contraindications, take the necessary precautions, and administer first-aid in case of an emergency related to Kambo.

This knowledge is vital in ensuring your clients’ safety.