Elevate your practice, expand your knowledge, and refine your skills as a Kambo facilitator with the eight-day Advanced Training.

Our intimate group size allow us to provide you with personalized attention, mentorship, and foster a deep bond among attendees. This environment not only facilitates focused learning but also ensures that you receive the individualized guidance necessary to excel in your Kambo practice.

You’ll have the unique opportunity to forge lasting connections with like-minded colleagues who share your passion and dedication. The shared journey creates a supportive community where experiences and insights are exchanged, enriching your learning process.

You will gain exclusive access to advanced and master practitioner online communities. These platforms serve as valuable resources, allowing you to stay connected with fellow practitioners, share breakthroughs, and continue your professional development beyond the training.


  • A minimum of 18 months experience as an IAKP Basic practitioner.
  • Each participant must bring two case studies from previous or existing clients with physical or emotional health issues. We will share and discuss these case studies with the group (do not share private information). Ideally, they need to be clients you have served/treated multiple times so you can relay the treatments they received and discuss your choices when working with them. These can be clients who had great results. However, it is usually more interesting if they are clients where it didn’t go as you expected or simply clients that you have some questions about their process.


  • Advanced energetic and intuitive Kambo techniques
  • Navigating intricate nuances of mental health
  • Crafting personalized treatment plans for medicated depression and anxiety
  • Addressing diseases affecting the nervous system
  • Crafting customized treatment plans for clients with cancer
  • Innovations in Kambo methodology
  • New techniques for working with Kambo (traditional Matsés style)
  • Alcohol and Drug addiction
  • Discovering the next steps-Master Practitioner and Teacher Program
  • Share case studies, learn from fellow practitioners’ experiences, and form close bonds with like-minded professionals.