Esther Kaijim

Esther Kaijim Esther Kaijim Mobile/WhatsApp +44 7954-323-551 Esther Kaijim is a highly skilled and experienced IAKP Master Kambô practitioner and certified Kambô Teacher. With a wealth of experience gained from working in various locations such as Bali, Thailand, Malaysia, and Europe, Esther’s mission is to bring holistic healing to people all over the world, […]

Eduardo Huerta

Eduardo Huerta Eduardo is a Kambo Teacher certified by the IAKP. Eduardo is a Reiki Master, Medium, and Ayahuasca facilitator. He continues to cultivate his gifts in various healing modalities in Mexico, the United States, South America, and Europe. “Eduardo has many years of experience teaching various subjects at a university level, as well as […]

José Luis del Solar

José Luis del Solar Mobile/WhatsApp +1 (917) 318-3614 Jose Luis del Solar José Luis is an IAKP Master Kambo practitioner with years of experience working in California, Lima, and the Amazon rainforest of northern Peru. His mission as a practitioner is to make this traditional medicine reach less privileged sectors of the population. José […]