Métodos de Pago

These are the payment methods available to transfer funds. If you require a different way to send funds, please let me know.

Please remember the following:

Wise (formerly TransferWise) is a UK-based foreign exchange financial technology company.

The cheapest method for international transactions.

This service enables individuals to electronically transfer, within the United States, money from their bank account to another registered user’s bank account.

Works only with:Bank of America, Truist, Capital One, JPMorgan Chase, PNC Bank, U.S. Bank, and Wells Fargo).

Zelle does not charge any transfer fees.

Venmo is currently only supported within the U.S.

After downloading the Venmo app from the Apple Store or the Google Play store, users are given options to link their Venmo accounts to a credit card, debit card, or checking account.

Once enrolled, a Venmo user can instantly begin exchanging funds with any other Venmo user.