Upcoming Trainings

The following are the upcoming dates for Kambo trainings.

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Ucayali, Perú | March 1st 2024

Imagine immersing yourself in the beauty of the Peruvian jungle and discovering the wonders of Kambo. This unique training program is not for the faint of heart; it’s for true adventurers like you!

Get ready to meet the sacred frog and learn the art of making your very own Sananga. And let’s not forget about the comfortable lodge and stunning lake surrounding you. All around you will be master plants, waiting to guide and teach you.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to connect with nature and discover your inner strength.

Namur, Belgium | September 11 2024

This is a personal invitation to participate in the International Association of Kambô Practitioners Training program 2024.

The IAKP offers the Basic Kambô Practitioner Training for those ready to step into the role of practitioner to be of service for others. This unique course will cover both traditional indigenous and modern western Kambô practices.
The course will be taught in English with the possibility for translation in French, Spanish and Dutch if needed. It will be fifteen days (14nights) in duration, from the 11th September 6.30pm till the 26th September 2024 11am.
This training will be small in size with 8 to 12 students to make sure we can work in detail, lots of personal attention and focus on energy work as well.
We will officially start on the 12th after breakfast (arrival the night before) and will finish the 26th September 11am.

I have secured a gorgeous venue near Namur, Belgium.

Chiang Mai, Thailand | January 17, 2025

Embark on a transformative journey at our January 17, 2025 Kambô Training in the enchanting Chiang Mai, Thailand. Immerse yourself in indigenous and modern practices within a small, focused group of 8 to 12 students. While the course is conducted in English, we offer support in French, Spanish, and Dutch.

Nestled near Chiang Mai in the captivating Thai countryside, our serene venue offers the ideal natural setting for your exploration. Experience personal attention, energy-focused learning, and a profound transformative adventure.

Join us on this unique and sacred quest!